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Fully refurbished equipment from Lifterz

Buying pre-owned equipment from Lifterz can be a great way to top quality at the best price. Lifterz actively refurbish equipment before selling so your purchase can look like new, at a used price. With the quality service backup of Lifterz, you won't be disappointed.


We recognise that when you buy a used machine you want to know it is in good, working order and we guarantee that we will have the right machine for you.



Comprehensive Range of Used Equipment

Lifterz have a large and ever changing range of used equipment available for sale.

Typically there are more than 100 units available including:

  • Vehicle Mounted
  • Trailer Mounted
  • Self-Propelled
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Boom Lifts

Browse our current used equipment range here If you can't find the machine you're looking for, give our used equipment specialist Andrew Waite a call on 07976 968 227 or e-mail him on


Full Refurbishment

We are proud of our quality and service. Before we look to sell on equipment we no longer need, we aim to refurbish back to 'As New' standard and specification. Refurbished equipment from Lifterz really offers great value and with our ongoing service support, you can be sure your equipment will keep working for you into the future.

Refurbished Equipment – The BEST value

Sometimes, a refurbished unit can be even better than new! Upgrades and enhancements that were not available when the equipment was new can mean a refurbished kit is actually to a higher specification than when new!

If you're interested in finding a great value machine for your business, call us on 0845 1800 008.


JLG 600AJ after refurbishment

Fully refurbished equipment from Lifterz

JLG 600AJ before refurbishment

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