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Safe materials handling on scissor lifts

Handling materials and tools at height can present additional challenges and considerations. Lifterz are always on the lookout for options and solutions that can help address these issues. We have just taken delivery of 5 deckRailXtra materials handling systems for the Genie GS19/32. They are available for hire immediately. The deckRailXtra system is a new materials handling attachment for scissor lifts, designed to safely restrain and hold loose materials and tubing, or restrain larger single items such as ducting/beams etc., allowing freedom of movement for the operator without any intrusion into the platform deck area. This new system has been carefully thought out to perfectly complement the Genie GS19/32 scissor lift.

Advantages include:

  • Each jaw bracket has a simple, yet highly effective, lashing strap that can either gather and bundle loose materials and tubing, or restrain larger single items.
  • The hard wearing shock absorbing pads reduce slip and prevent damage to any materials carried.
  • The platform deck extension remains fully functional and unaffected by the system.
  • The design also means that the native deck extension facility of the scissor lift can still be utilised and that any trip hazards have been eliminated.

The system has been manufactured using well established engineering principles and an innovative harmonised design approach, both ergonomic and intuitive to use. Get in touch to find out more

Safe materials handling on scissor lifts

deckRailXtra allows materials to be handled efficiently and safely

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