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View our IPAF Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire
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Your Plant Insurance

Work Platforms are expensive to repair and replace.
You must have insurance!

For example: - The total loss of a typical 15mtr
boom would be approaching £38,000;
enough to put a small company out of business.

You cannot hire from Lifterz Ltd without adequate insurance cover

Even when you have your own insurance, claims excess payments and loss of no claims discount
often make claims for damages below £1,000 uneconomical.

Protect - Silver Cover
(More commonly known as "Damage Waiver").

What it Covers

  • Accidental damage caused by your operatives

  • Collision Damage to base, handrails, wheels
    and tyres

  • Protection from the two thirds continuing hire charges during repair time.

What it doesn't cover

  • Damage caused by a third party or other contractors

  • Damage caused to a third Party

  • Damage caused through neglect and failure
    to observe maintenance checks

  • Paint and other surface coverings being

  • Damage caused by untrained operatives

  • Damage Caused by procedures not
    approved by the manufacturer.

Protect - Gold Cover
(Total Loss Waiver - Includes Damage Waiver as described in Silver Cover)

What it Covers

  • Total Loss Theft or Write off by hirer.

  • Total Loss excess £1,000.

  • Damage excess £zero.

Please Note :- The equipment must be kept in a secure way and not left in public places. The operator must be fully trained. Losses only covered if incurred by hirer and not a third party.

You MUST Choose one of the following:

1: I have my own Insurance and will fax a copy of my Cover

2: I have my own insurance but would like Lifterz Silver Cover (Damage Waiver)
(If you choose this you must fax us a copy of your Hired in Plant Cover)

3: I don’t have Insurance and want to use Lifterz Protect Gold .

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